What Happens When You Use the Wrong Size Air Filter?

Using the wrong size air filter won't necessarily damage your air conditioning system, but it can have an impact. Restricted airflow caused by an oversized filter can impair the longevity of your system and increase your utility bills. It's important to use the right size air filter for your unit to keep it running smoothly and take advantage of all the benefits offered by the filter.HVAC technicians are trained to know what type of filter your furnace can handle and what's best for your system. You can find the recommended filter size for your unit model in the table titled “Find your air conditioner and oven filter by brand, model number, and size.” If you live in an older house with a non-standard size air return frame, you may want to use adhesive foam tape to slightly increase the dimensions of your favorite filter, or order a custom-sized air filter.It's essential to change or clean your air filter frequently.

If the return vent is on the roof, you may prefer a filter that has a slightly larger actual size, so that it doesn't fall on you when you open the vent. To make sure that the next filter you buy is the correct size for your system, measure the interior dimensions of the air filter inlet with a ruler or any other measuring device. When in doubt, round to the nearest whole number to determine the nominal size of the air filter.Before wasting time with the climate unit controller or central ventilation grill, first adjust the thermostat to turn off the air conditioning system. If you think it's okay to run the heating system without a filter until you find one that fits, reconsider your ideas because it's not right at all.Choosing an experienced, licensed, insured, and reputable HVAC expert is key to ensure that you get the right size air filter for your oven.

The oven filter is a key component of the heating system, as it protects the fan from dust, hair, and anything else that might enter through the ventilation grilles.Using an oversized air filter will cause the frame to wrinkle, restrict airflow, and compromise longevity. To avoid these issues and keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently, make sure you use the correct size air filter for your unit.

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